SWOT Analysis


SWOT – SWOT Analysis – swot analysis example – swot sample – business analysis swot example – SWOT strategy business model, which takes into account strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, internal and external factors. This is one of the project management frameworks used for risk identification and analysis.  SWOT sample.

swot analysis

Shale Oil

Shale Oil Diagram – Shale Oil Chart – Shale oil extraction process consists of the following steps: drilling holes for oil in sedimentary rock, installing specialized heating tubes, separation of oil and gas from rock with heat and pumping oil and gas. Shale oil extraction.

shale oil

DJIA Chart

Djia Chart – Djia Diagram – Djia Graph – DIJA 2014. Djia charts show the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the years. The djia chart below depicts performance of the index over the past 10 years ending with 2014. Looking into the trend, one may expect the growth of DIJA in 2015 and 2016 provided no recession, similar to 2008, occurs.

djia chart

FTSE 100

Ftse 100 Diagram – Ftse 100 Chart – Ftse 100 Graph – Ftse charts, ftse diagrams and plots are visual representations the ftse stock performance index. The ftse index shows an upward trend through out its history.

ftse 100

Nyse Chart

NYSE Diagram – Nyse Chart – Nyse Graph – Nyse charts, diagrams and plots are visual representations of the performance of the New York Stock Exchange index. Long term nyse index performance shows an upward trend. Nyse stocks growth history chart. Nyse tables.

nyse chart

Pert Diagram

Pert Diagram – Pert Chart – Pert Graph – Pert charts, pert diagrams and pert plots are examples of project management diagrams depicting activities, the flow of activities and duration. Pert was designed to show these various project management components in one easy to use chart.

pert diagram


Stockcharts – Stockcharts Diagram – Stockcharts Chart – Stockcharts Graph – Stock charts. Stockcharts charts, stockcharts diagrams and stockcharts plots are visual representations of Stockcharts tables. This type of diagram explains how to read a stock chart including price, volume, high, low, moving averages.


Context Diagram

Context Chart – Context Diagram – Context Graph – Context charts, context diagrams and context plots are examples of Context infographics. This type of diagram depicts context components for business operating models and IT systems.

context diagram

Process Diagram

Process Chart – Process Diagram – Process Graph – Process charts, process diagrams and process plots are samples of Process infographics. This type of diagram depicts process flow be it in business, IT or elsewhere. Also, see activity diagram.

process diagram

Spider Diagram

Spider Diagram – Spider Chart – Spider Graph – Spider charts, spider diagrams and spider plots are examples of Spider infographics. This type of diagram depicts how various components perform relative to one another. This type of chart is often used in consulting.

spider diagram

Ishikawa Diagram

Ishikawa Chart – Ishikawa Diagram – Ishikawa Graph – Ishikawa charts, ishikawa diagrams and ishikawa plots are samples of Ishikawa infographics. This type of diagram shows cause and effect relationship in business.

ishikawa diagram

Bubble Diagram

Bubble Diagram – Bubble Chart – Bubble Graph – Bubble charts, bubble diagrams and bubble plots are samples of Bubble tables. This type of diagram is good for showing relationships between various types of data. An example of a bubble diagram belows explains you how to create a bubble diagram.

bubble diagram

Profit – Net Income

Profit – Profit Formula – Profit Diagram – Profit = Revenue – Expenses; Profit = Revenue – Costs; Net Income = Sales – Costs; Net Income Formula – Net Income Chart – Profit Framework. Net income = revenue – expenses. Profit formula shows how to calculate net income. Profit formulas. Net income formulas.



Relationship Diagram

Relationship Diagram – Diagram of Relationships – Relationship Chart – Relationship Diagram example – Relationship Diagram sample – Entity Relationship Diagrams – Relationship Diagrams – Relationship charts – Business Relationship Diagram. Love relationship diagram. Relationship diagram large.

Relationship Diagram


Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram – What is a venn diagram – Venn Diagrams – Venn Chart – Venn Diagram Template – Venn chart. Venn graph. Venn diagram maker – Venn diagram explained. Venn. Venn diagram how to – the venn diagram. Venn diagrams in probability. Venn diagrams in math. Venn diagrams in business consulting. Venn charts. Ven diagram.

Venn Diagram


Porter Five Forces

Porter Five Forces – Porter 5 Forces – Porters Five Forces – Porters 5 Forces – Porter Five – Porter 5 – Porters Five – Porters Industry Analysis – Porters Analysis – Michael Porter Five Forces.  Porters strategic framework showing the key five forces including supplier power, customer power, industry rivarly, barriers to entry, threat of substitutes.  Porter S Five – Porter S Five Forces


Porter Value Chain

Porter Value Chain – Porter’s Value Chain – Value Chain Analysis – Value Chain Management – Porter value chain framework – Michael Porter’s strategy – Internal Strategy Diagram – Internal strategy – Business Process strategy – value chain diagram – Michael Porter’s forces – Competitive Advantage – Competitive Advantage framework – Michael Porter suggest a value chain strategic model for sustaining competitive advantage and evaluating business processes as either primary or secondary. Analysis of value chain.

Porter Value Chain


Business Strategy

Business Strategy – Business Strategies – Strategy Diagram – Business Diagram – Strategy Chart – Strategic Planning – Strategy Business – What is business strategy – Business Plan – Business strategy example showing business vision, mission, strategic enablers.  Strategic planning starts with business analysis and planning, identifying customer needs and matching them with internal business processes.

Business Strategy


Shale Gas Diagram – Shale Oil

Shale Gas Diagram – Shale Oil Diagram – Shale Gas Chart – Shale Oil Chart – Shale gas explained. How is shale gas extracted? Diagram of shale gas. Gas diagram. Oil diagram. Gas diagram shale extraction. USA shale gas extraction diagram. Shale gas reserves in United States of America. How is shale gas produced? Shale gas production diagram.  Shale diagram.