Camera Diagram

Camera diagram – Camera has the following parts: lens, flash, main control dial, shutter viewfinder, display, memory card slot, focus mode switch, mode dial, power button, etc.

Photo cameras are used to capture the moments in one’s life, pictures of loved ones and places. There are a number of camera types manufactured by different companies. The two most basic cameras are digital and or film cameras. The camera diagram here is that of a digital camera showing its parts and multiple views (front back and top view)

Battery Diagram

Battery Diagram – Battery parts – Electrical battery – What is battery made of – how battery works – battery components – The battery consists of the following parts steel-plated positive cover, steel can, seal, brass rivet, metal spur, metal washer, current collector, anode gel and others Electrical battery is used to power various electrical devices.

battery diagram

Best Diagrams and Charts


Below are the most popular charts and diagrams as rated by our users:

Human Body Human Body – Diagram of human body showing parts of the body and their purpose
smiley faces Smiley Faces – Chart showing various types of smiley faces symbols
Digestive System Diagram Digestive System Diagram – Diagram that depicts various parts of the digestive system
cell-diagram Human Cell – Diagram showing human cell parts
heart diagram Heart Diagram – Diagram of a heart with different parts and blood flow circulation
Plant Cell Diagram – Diagram showing components of a plant cell
Body Organs Systems Human Organs – Diagram depicting human organs with names and explanations
Brain Chart - Brain Diagram - Human Brain Brain Diagram – Diagram of a brain showing parts with labels
Human Body Human Anatomy Diagram – Diagram depicting human anatomy and key body systems
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Maslow Pyramid – Diagram showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, also known as Maslow pyramid
eye colors Eye Color Chart – Chart of eye colors
Multiplication Chart Multiplication Chart – Multiplication chart for kids showing calculations up to 100 and 144
lb to kg - kg to lb chart Kilograms to Pounds – Chart showing conversion from kilograms to pounds (kg to lb)
Bra Chart Bra Sizes Chart – Chart showing various women bra sizes
Periodic Table of Elements Periodic Table of Elements – Chart listing the elements within the periodic table including atomic mass number

Piano Chord Chart

Piano Chord Chart – Piano Chord Diagram – Piano Chord charts show different chords for piano. This particular chart displays piano chords in all natural minor keys. Use this diagram to learn piano chords. The piano keys come with labels and are marked by different colors.

piano chord chart

Bike Frame Size and Seat Height Chart


Bike frame size and seat height chart below shows the dimensions of the frame size and seat height based on the inseam height. To choose the right bicycle and adjust the height of the saddle, first measure inseam height and then multiply the value by 1.08, which will give you the seat height (see the table below). This measurement can be used for both mountain and road bikes.

Getting the right bike size is important to maximize your speed, comfort and ability to handle, i.e. all the the things needed to ensure you get the best possible biking experience. It is important to use your personal measurement such as your height to choose the right bike frame and seat height. The bicycles are measured by the length of the seat tube, i.e. the tube where the saddle slides in to. Road bicycles are usually measured in cm while mountain bikes in inches. The diagram below will assist you with choosing the right bicycle regardless of the measurement system you are more accustomed to.

Bike Frame Size and Seat Height Chart

Fenway Seating Chart

Fenway Seating Chart – Fenway Seating Diagram – Fenway Seating charts show the seating areas in the baseball stadium including various sections of the fenway baseball field.

fenway seating chart

Engine Diagram

Engine Diagram – Engine Chart – Engine Graph – Engine charts, engine diagrams and engine plots are examples of Engine graphs. This type of diagram is ideal for listing and describing engine parts and components. Also, see motor diagram

engine diagram

Parts Diagram

Parts Diagram – Parts Chart – Parts Graph – Parts charts, parts diagrams and parts plots are visual representations of Parts tables. This type of diagram is good for showing components and parts of a mechanism, such as an engine, gun, etc.

parts diagram

Car Diagram


The Car Diagram below shows various parts of a car including the following components: engine, tires, brakes, lights, air bags, wheels, various systems (ignition, cooling and charging), transmission and others.

The heart of any vehicle is an engine At its core are the cylinders with pistons moving up and down. The cylinders can be arranged inline, in a V shape (arranged at an angle against each other) or horizontally. There are certain advantages to each car engine type depending on the vehicle. The engine also consists of the block, heads, valves and pistons.

The below diagram also shows the following components:
– Cooling system consisting of radiator, water pump, heater, hoses and thermostat
– Charging system consisting of the batter, alternator and regulator
– Ignition System that includes ignition wires, coil, spark plugs and distributor
– Brakes system made of disk brakes, drum brakes, anti-lock brakes, master cylinder and power booster.
Other auto parts are also illustrated on the below diagram.

Car Diagram


UML Diagram

UML Diagram – uml diagram – UML Diagrams – uml chart – uml charts – uml graph – uml plot. UML stands for Unified Modeling Languange, and is an approach to creating a diagram as a mechanism for including elements of the model, showing overlaps, relationships and dependencies. uml diagrams are use case diagrams, static structure diagrams and interaction diagrams. Free uml, uml tool.

UML Diagrams


Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram – Network architecture – IT architecture diagram – server architecture diagram – Architecture Chart- IT architecture chart – server architecture chart – architecture diagrams – architecture graph – architecture charts. Architecture diagram is showing servers, firewall, computers, corporate network. Network architecture diagram. Network architecture diagrams. Communication network diagram. Architecture structure.

Architecture Diagram


Usecase Diagram

Usecase Diagram – Use Case Diagram – usecase chart – usecase diagrams – use case diagrams. Use case diagram is a simple representation of a user interaction with the system and shows specifications of a use case. Usecase diagrams can show the different types of system users and ways they interact with the system. Usecase diagrams are used in together with the textual use case and will often be used with other types of diagrams. Sample use case diagram. sample usecase diagrams. Example of a usecase diagram. Use case diagrams.

Use Case Diagram


Guitar Chord Chart

Guitar Chord Chart – Guitar chords – Guitar Chord Diagrams – Guitar cords – Guitar Chords Diagram – Guitar Diagram – Guitar Chart – guitar chords chart – guitar scales chart – bass chords chart – chord charts – chord diagram – chords chart – chords diagram – Chord diagrams

Guitar Chord Diagrams


Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram – Flow Chart – flow chart diagram – flow diagrams – flow charts – data flow diagram – dataflow diagram – dataflow chart – flowchart diagram – sample flow diagram showing data flow from customer to a supplier process, which can serve as a flow chart template. Flowchart program, flow chart software and flow diagram software generate sample flow charts and diagrams. Flow chart maker software can help with creating a process flow chart. Free work flow chart generators are widely available on the market. A good example of a flow diagram is presented below:

Flow Chart Diagram


Guitar Diagram

Guitar Diagram – Guitar Chart – Guitar Diagrams – Guitar Parts – guitar parts diagram showing various parts of a accoustic and electrical guitars including head, tuners, body, etc. guitar diagram. Guitar components explained for kids. Guitar chord diagram. Guitar scales diagram. Guitar chord chart. Guitar scales chart.

Guitar Diagram


Schematic Diagrams

Schematic Diagrams – Schematic Diagram – Schematic Circuit Diagram – Electrical Schematic Diagram – Schematic Chart – Schematic Charts – Electric Schematic Charts – Schematic symbols – electric symbols – Schematic system – schematic circuit – Electric circuit diagram – schematic – schematic diagrams explained – schematic diagram parts – schematic wiring diagram

Schematic Diagrams


Computer Diagram

Computer Diagram – Diagram of Computer – Computer Chart – Laptop Diagram – Laptop Diagrams – Computer Components – Computer parts – Laptop Components – Laptop Parts – Notebook Diagram – Notebook chart – diagram of notebook – notebook diagrams – notebook components – notebook parts – netbook components – netbook diagram – netbook parts – what are parts of the computer?

Computer Diagram